Yugo AK Master Mount Optic Mount

Yugo Version

This optic mount version is specifically for the factory Yugo side rail.  Its top combo  Picatinny / ACOG rail is  6 &1/2 inches long to allow for placement of larger optics, or for those who need the optic placed further forward for proper eye relief. It weighs 7.1 ounces.

Dual-Axis Locking

AK optic mounts secure to an AK receiver’s side rail by one of two main methods. The first method uses a rotating lever that has a contoured portion to rotate and lock into a corresponding cut-out in the side rail. Many of the traditional com-bloc optic mounts utilized this design and are broadly referred to as SVD styled mounts. This method is primarily securing the optic mount in the horizontal axis.

The second method utilizes a rotating lever to deform the bottom part of the mount to “crimp” onto the side rail. These mounts are not really quick release despite their labeling as such, and this mount deformation makes it difficult to resize the mount to a different side rail on a different rifle. The more modern approach to this method is to use the rotating lever to manipulate a spring loaded clamping bar to compress against the receiver’s side rail to make it quick release capable. These style mounts are prone to “walking” along the side rail with heavy shooting sessions as they only secure the optic mount in the vertical axis.

AK Master Mount combined these two techniques to firmly secure our optic mount to an AK’s side rail in both the vertical and horizontal axis to make it Dual Axis Locking. This secure attachment maintains optics zero even with sustained heavy shooting sessions. Clamping bar is also longer than the other optics mounts on the market to provide additional clamping surface contact, and we use two springs in the clamping bar mechanism for increased clamping bar stability and true quick release capability.

Yugo AK MASTER MOUTN OPTIC MOUNT works with ZASTAVA ZPAP or any classic YUGO Rifle 

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Yugo AK Master Mount Optic Mount

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