MOE SL-S Stock with Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad combo!
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Perfect stock for AK when running optic on it!
The sleek profile, dual-side release latches, and waterproof battery tubes make it the slimmest storage tube stock available. The SL-S provides an enhanced cheek weld and true, O-ring sealed, 10m waterproof storage area desired by many, but fits it into the narrowest package possible to allow a more upright head position and minimize bulk. A rolled toe and angled rubber butt-pad are optimized for use with body armor, and an ambidextrous QD sling swivel socket is included. A unique leaf-spring tension system provides a solid fit on mil-spec receiver extensions, with slightly less friction than the original SL. The MOE SL-S is the most intuitive, comfortable, and efficient storage stock available.

This stock combo comes with extra Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.70", the thicker vented design provides enhanced user comfort as well as approximately 3/8” additional length of pull while adding less than 1 oz. to the overall weight of the stock. 

Made in U.S.A.

Color: Black

Don't forget to pick up tube / castle nut / end plate combo!

This stock is in Mil Spec size.

  • Item #: MOE SL-S Stock

MOE SL-S Stock with Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad combo!

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