Annihilator GEN 4 Optic Combo Pack - SLx 3X MicroPrism
"3x" Annihilator GEN 4 Combo Pack  includes:
- Primary Arms SLx 3X MicroPrism Scope with ACSS Reticle calibrated exclusively for AK in 7.62x39/300BO, 5.45x39/5.56x45/308 in BLACK (you have to select caliber from the drop down menu) and one of the mounts of your choice (you have to select mount from the drop down menu):
- AK Master Mount Optic Mount (one piece, rear biased only - fits standard AK side rails)
- AK Master Mount YUGO Optic Mount (one piece, full length only - fits standard Yugo style side rails like M70 or M90 and etc)
- RS Regulate 302 Rear Biased mount (GEN 2) or 303 Full Length (GEN 2) or 307 Full Length for Yugo with RS Regulate AKOT top optic mount.

This is almost 10% in savings from all those single items!!!

AK MASTER MOUNT OPTIC MOUNT won't work with PSA GF3 early models!
All Primary Arms SLx 3X MicroPrism Scopes are with the LIFETIME warranty!

NOTE FOR VEPR owners with side folding sotck: those mounts won't work with side folding stock VEPR rifles. Molot used out of spec hinge which is blocking side rail access. All other Vepr versions are Good To Go!

Combo shown with Master Mount (Rear Biased)
Combo shown with RS Regulate 302 (Rear Biased) Mount (mount sold is in the black color)
Primary Arms SLx 3X MicroPrism Scope (picatinny mount and riser included in the box with the scope)
Shown mounted on the rifle (riser removed - scope is bolted directly into the Master Mount)

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Annihilator GEN 4 Optic Combo Pack - SLx 3X MicroPrism

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